10 Wedding Details That are Easy to Forget

10 Wedding Details That are Easy to Forget

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As we head into peak wedding season in North Carolina, many brides are counting down the days or weeks until their wedding day.  Even for the most organized people, wedding planning is quite an undertaking.  Even if you have help from a planner or day of coordinator, some small details can be easy to forget.  So, I put together this list of don’t forget items.

Touch Up Bag

If you are getting ready in a different place than your ceremony/reception venue, then you will want to bring along a bag with some makeup for touchups.  This usually will consist of powder and lipstick or lipgloss.  If you have a pro do your makeup, your eye makeup will stay put for your entire day!  If you think you might get a little sweaty due to the temperature or dancing (or both!) you may also want to add a small deodorant or perfume to the bag.


You will want to make sure that you and your bridal party have plenty of snacks to munch on while you get ready because it will be a few hours until cocktail hour.  Your venue may include this, but if not, be prepared to pack some snacks and water!

Bridal Party Gifts

Your bridal party is making a special effort to be there for you on your big day, so you’ll want to say thank you with something special.  It can be something fun or functional.  I gave my bridesmaids a pretty shawl since our wedding was in November and they were going to need a little extra layer of warmth!

Welcome Bags

If you have some out of town guests, you’ll probably reserve a block of rooms at a discounted price.  Many hotels will allow you to drop off welcome bags at the reception desk.  (Call to confirm)  You can stock these with water and snacks and maybe some info on local attractions.  Your guests, who will likely be tired and hungry after traveling, will be happy to have some treats at their fingertips.

Comfortable Shoes

If you are wearing heels on your wedding day, there will come a point during your reception where your feet say, “No More!”  When this time comes, you will want to be ready with some backup shoes.  Ballet flats fit the bill nicely, but you could also have a few flips flops on hand for your guests to take as well.  (No need to get a ton, we still have extra flips flops in all sorts of sizes in our attic!)

Appoint a Post Wedding Clean Up Person

If you have a wedding planner or day of coordinator, this part should be covered.  But, if your venue provides a coordinator, or you don’t have a coordinator, (see my blog post on why you need a coordinator) you will need someone who can take all of your gifts, decor, and personal items back to your hotel or home for you.  You’ll want to appoint a responsible family or friend to this job.  You’ll also want to nominate someone who will NOT be drinking heavily.

Cake Cutting Accessories

Your caterer or rental company may provide these accessories, but you may also want to have them personalized or engraved.  A cake stand is an easy item to forget.  There are so many creative options out there, so choose one that fits with your decor.

Vendor Meals

This one hits close to home since I know how hard wedding vendors work on a wedding day.  It’s important to have your caterer add vendor meals to your headcount since the vendors are going to need to refuel!

Photo Wrangler

I always make a complete list of family members for the family photos.  But, it is so helpful to have a point person who knows the family and can go find someone if they have wandered off or to just help me keep everyone organized and ready for photos.

Bring Those Chargers!

You definitely want to be in the moment during your wedding day, so you won’t want to be glued to your phone.  But, during the getting ready phase of the wedding day things do come up, so you will want to make sure that your phone is charged and you have your charger ready for later on that evening when your phone is about to die!