5 Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas for the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the most popular times for marriage proposals.  It’s a time for celebrating with friends and family and a proposal adds even more excitement to the season.  But, how do you propose? There are tons of options, and people are getting more and more creative with their proposals.  A creative proposal will help your future fiance feel extra special and will create a beautiful life memory.  My husband hired my friend to photograph his proposal and we have the photo as a beautiful piece of art in our home.  He planned it out for weeks with my photographer friend and I was so touched by his thoughtful planning.

Here are some ideas for adding some holiday cheer to your proposal:

Deck the Halls

Get a custom ornament made that says “Will You Marry Me” and attach the ring with a ribbon to the ornament.  Give this as the final Christmas present and watch her eyes light up as she opens the box. Another option would be to decorate the tree with multiple ornaments that have some significance to both of you and then string up a banner on the tree that says “Will You Marry Me?” You can set up the tree ahead of time so that she sees it first thing on Christmas morning.

Stocking Stuffer

Leave the stocking for last and hide the ring box at the bottom of the stocking.  My cousin’s husband did this and had some pretty ordinary items like a loufah and some hand cream in the stocking to make sure that my cousin didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary was coming her way!

Christmas Tree Shopping

I saw a post on Pinterest that showed a guy who proposed to his fiance while they were shopping at a Christmas tree farm.  He decorated one of the trees with ornaments that spelled out “Marry Me.”  I love this idea!

Let It Snow

Do you get a lot of snow? Write your proposal big and bold in the snow where your partner won’t miss it. Use a shovel to carve out your big question, or better yet, use Christmas lights, poinsettias or red roses!

Or, if you are a kid at heart, build a snowman. Find strong branches (or other sturdy materials) for arms, then tie the ring to a ribbon and attach it to the snowman’s arm. In the other arm, place a small (and lightweight) bouquet of flowers.

Send in the Carolers

If you know of a local group of singers, contact them and plan for them to come caroling to your door while you and your honey are enjoying a cozy, romantic night in. The carolers can hold signs saying “Happy holidays,” and when they’re finished singing, they can flip them over to reveal “Will you marry me?” spelled out across the group.