Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Your Senior Portrait Session

Getting a Haircut right before your session

If you do need a cut, you should have it done about 1 week prior to the session.  For girls, you should probably plan on 2 weeks prior to your session.  You also don’t want to try anything brand new out for your session either.  You want the portrait to look like you!

For Girls – Overplucking Your Eyebrows

Fuller brows are in style and actually make you look younger.  So no need to obsess about having perfectly sculpted brows.  If your eyebrows really need to be tamed have them professionally shaped about one week before your portrait session. Be sure to find someone who will help you to maintain a natural and full look.   You may need to pluck out a few stray hairs the day before your photo shoot, but getting your brows professionally shaped ahead of time will ensure that any irritation is healed before your session.

Over-Scrubbing Your Face to Get Rid of Breakouts

Over-scrubbing or washing your face with drying products will make your acne worse.  You want to find a regimen that works for you a few months before your session.  If you try out new products a couple of weeks before your session, they could irritate your skin and make your skin look worse.  Or they may not have enough time to work their magic.  I have struggled with breakouts since I was a teenager and I have found that drinking a lot of water, sleeping well, working out, and eating my fruits and veggies makes a huge difference in how my skin looks.  I also see an aesthetician who works in a dermatology practice regularly for glycolic peels and they keep my skin clear.  I highly recommend the office of Dr. Audrey Echt if you need help with your skin and are in the Raleigh area. And, if you are still struggling with breakouts, I do offer retouching on any ordered image.

Wearing Overly Trendy or Loud Clothing

You may love a certain outfit now, but in 10 years it may make you cringe!  Your senior portrait is really about seeing you, not your clothes.  Really bright colors or busy patterns distract the eye, making it hard to focus on your face.  Medium to dark colors photograph best.  Solid colors are better than patterns.  Teal, medium purple, and periwinkle blue are universally flattering colors that will also photograph well.  Check out my blog post of tips for picture perfect senior outfits for more tips on choosing a great outfit.