Headshots: Which Colors Will Flatter Your Hair and Eye Color?

August 10, 2016 Headshots 0 Comments

When I book headshot sessions, I provide my clients with a pdf of wardrobe suggestions to help them get ready for their session. Below are some simple tips for choosing colors that will flatter your hair and eye color. The colors you wear have a huge impact on your headshot!

Pick a shirt that matches your eye color:

Example 1:

Raleigh headshots blue eyes blue shirt
Look at how her blue eyes pop against that deep blue color of her shirt.

Example 2:

Raleigh headshots green eyes green shirt
Look at how the army green shirt brings out the green in her eyes.

Pick a shirt color that is a complementary color to hair:

You may be wondering what a complementary color is. Well, if you take a look at the color wheel, colors that are directly opposite from each other are considered complementary colors. When these colors are paired together, they create a lot of contrast and enhance one another. So, wearing a complementary color to your hair color will enhance the color of your hair.

color wheel colors to flatter hair and eye color

Example 1:

Blond hair with a purple shirt

Raleigh headshots blond hair purple shirt
Blonds have a lot of yellow in their hair color, so purple is a great color to wear. Blue is also a good option.

Example 2:

Red hair with a teal sweater

Raleigh headshots red hair teal shirt

Red hair often is a red-orange color. Teal, which is a blue-green color, is a great complement to red-orange hues.

But what about brunettes or people with gray hair?

Raleigh headshots brunette blue shirt

Brunettes have a lot of flexibility in choosing colors. But, blue is a great option in most cases.

Raleigh headshots gray hair purple shirt

For those with gray hair try rich blues, greens, and purples

Need more help? Kate Lesser is a stylist and helps women choose the best colors for the skin, hair, and eye color. She works in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.  www.themakeoverexpert.com