Location Headshots Offer a Dynamic Look

August 25, 2016 Headshots 0 Comments

The name of the game with headshot photography is capturing the subject’s personality with flattering light and posing.  However, an interesting setting can also lend a bit more interest to the image or reflect the client’s brand.  I love to work with natural light, which can be very soft and therefore flattering.  Locations also offer something for the client to lean or sit on, which can convey a more relaxed or casual feeling in the headshot.  You can replicate that posing in the studio, but it looks more natural in a location setting.  

Example 1:

Raleigh Location Headshot

The texture of the stone and foliage really enhances this headshot.  The background is out of focus, drawing our attention to the subject and lending depth to the image.  She is leaning on the wall, which makes her look relaxed and friendly.  


Example 2:

Raleigh Location Headshot

The repetition of the steps in the background creates an interesting pattern.  But, because it is out of focus, it doesn’t detract from the subject.  He is also leaning forward which makes him look engaging.  The subject is a financial planner, so of course he wants to look engaged and approachable.


Example 3:

Raleigh Location Headshot

The background in this headshot, a pond, complements the color of the subject’s shirt and eyes.  The soft hints of rusty orange also pick up the warm tones in her hair.  The varied colors in the background give texture to the headshot.  The focus is very much on the eyes, however, because the background and most of her upper body are out of focus.  The natural setting works well for her since she sells botanically based beauty and health products.

Example 4:

Raleigh Location Headshot

In this headshot, the background of the rustic building provides texture and repeats some of the tones of her skin and hair. She is a real estate agent, so having an architectural background makes perfect sense.

There are many great headshot locations to use in the Triangle area.  Two of these headshots were taken at the Raleigh Little Theater Rose Garden, in fact.  Since I shoot on location frequently; I am always happy to make recommendations!