My Favorite Pre-Tied Headscarves

My Favorite Pre-Tied Headscarves

Now that summer is here in NC, I have a newfound appreciation for my pre-tied headscarves from With Love Lana on Etsy. They are a low-maintenance and comfortable way for me to look my best. Even though I wore these with a couple of beanies under the scarves back in the winter and early spring, now that the heat of summer is upon us, I have forgone those beanies in the name of comfort. And they still look great.

The scarf that I wear the most is definitely the mauve polka dot scarf that appears below. In fact, I have 2 more of that same style in different colors.

Pink Polka Dot Headscarf from With Love Lana

Green Headscarf from With Love Lana

If you would like to check out these headscarves for yourself, visit the Video Resources section of my LinkTree: