Photography Tips – Face the Dominant Light Source

December 16, 2022 Photography Education 0 Comments

Photography Tips – Face the Dominant Light Source

In my last blog post, I showed you how to find solid shade when working outside.  Solid shade is an area that is free of direct sunlight. But, just because you have found solid shade doesn’t mean that you have found the best light. You also need to face your subject toward the dominant light source, which is the area that is emitting the greatest amount of light.  This is often the open sky, the sun, or even a white wall that is lit by direct sunlight.  A great way to find the best light is to have your subject turn around in a circle and look at how the light changes on their face as they move.  If you watch the video below, you will see that this will have a dramatic effect on the lighting.  Sometimes seeing is believing!

Happy shooting!


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