Relaxed Headshots that Look Professional but Not Stuffy

October 12, 2017 Headshots 0 Comments

Relaxed Headshots that Look Professional but Not Stuffy

I work with a lot of headshot clients that want to look professional in their photos, but they don’t want to look too corporate or stuffy.  Perhaps they never wear a jacket or suit or they are in a profession that is not a typical 9 to 5.  I’ve worked with coaches, authors, personal trainers, and direct sales professionals who all want to strike the right balance between appearing casual and professional in their photos.

Below are some examples of casual, relaxed headshots that still look professional.


Raleigh Casual Headshot PhotographerNikki Dee, a romance novelist, wanted headshots that look a bit edgy and sultry.  The blouse that she is wearing is a great color and the pattern is sassy, but subtle enough that it works for photos.  The deep v-neckline works for the sultry look that she was going for and the dark wash jeans helps to keep the look casual.  The cuff that she is wearing in the first shot is bold, but not so bold that it is distracting.  The poses are casual and add a sense of authenticity to her photos.


Raleigh Casual Headshot Photographer

I love this headshot because she looks professional, but her outfit is not the typical corporate look.  The blouse is super stylish but not stuffy.  Shooting outside is also a great way to make a headshot look more casual and informal.


Raleigh Casual Headshot Photographer

Brick walls make a great non-traditional background for headshots.  Alison is a personal trainer, so a suit would not be the right look for her.  Her blouse is flattering and dressy enough to look professional.  Her jewelry is unique but not overpowering and her gorgeous red hair and glasses really make a statement.

It is easy to choose clothes that look TOO casual.  I find that t-shirts with a crew neck are not just unflattering in photos, but they also look way too casual.  You don’t want to look like you are dressed to go to the grocery store!  Blouses tend to look best if you are not going to wear a jacket.  Sweaters can work, but if the neckline is a bit too plain, they can look too casual.  I always encourage clients to bring a few options to choose from and I sort through the clothing with them prior to the session.