Tips for a Great High School Senior Portrait

1. Pick a location that reflects your personality.

Senior-Location-OptionsThe country boy in the first image chose a horse farm, where he rides horses and volunteers.  The artist in the second image chose a gritty urban location, which suits her style.

2. For the ladies: Get your hair blown out or hire a hair and makeup person.


Makeup for the camera needs to be a bit heavier than usual. A good makeup artist knows how to bring out your eyes, which will take center stage for your photos. And, if your hair is styled, you will be SO much happier with your photos!

3. Let your personal style shine through your choice of clothes and colors!


This senior LOVES everything country. So, the rustic setting and those cowboy boots are perfect!

A few general suggestions on wardrobe for your senior portrait:

A session portrait is all about YOU! It should reflect your style and personality. Choose a variety of looks: casual, dressy, and something you would wear for a night out. Do you play a sport? Bring your uniform too! Bring layering pieces like jackets, sweaters and scarves. Accessories like jewelry and awesome shoes can really make an outfit. In general, solid colors photograph better than patterns, but seniors can get away with a little pattern as long as it isn’t too busy. Solid color jackets can always be used to tone down pattern. Textures are also great, so don’t be afraid of large knit sweaters, ruffles, lace, etc.